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We aim to make as approachable and intuitive as possible. But if you find anything confusing, please reach out and we’ll a) answer your question and b) add the answer here to help others.

For now, you’ll find details about various BrewBoard settings and our Chromecast integration. Expect more as soon as we have a little time when we’re not writing code.

What is allows craft brewers and home brewers share what they are brewing with friends (or customers). As well as being a cloud-based brew log, is also digital taplist software, allowing you to present your current brews on large-screen displays for use in your taproom or next to your keezer.

It’s easy to import brew details from popular brewing software such as Brewer’s Friend, Brewfather and Beersmith. You can also import beerXML files or enter brew details manually.

Drinkers can use BrewBoard to follow their favourite bars and brewers, and explore their current and past beer offerings conveniently on their mobile phone or computer. Beyond the basics such as style/color/ABV, drinkers can dive into the details of a beer - looking at the recipe and brewers notes if the brewer has provided these.

Drinkers and Brewers can interact around brews using social features such as likes and comments.