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Tap Setup and Brew Identifiers

People label their taps and bottles in different ways.

Bars with fixed taps, or homebrewers with kegerators may mark those taps with a number or letter. Alternatively, they might write the beer name or batch number on a chalkboard next to the tap - or even on the keg itself if serving with a cobra tap.

For those who bottle, many simply write a batch ID on their bottle caps, while other choose to print labels with the beer name and type.

BrewBoard supports these different approaches with settings for “Brew Identifiers and Bar Setup” which you will find on your BrewBoard Board Settings page, accessible through the cog icon top right of your BrewBoard when logged in.

The settings you choose will affect the label which is displayed (or not) next to each brew on your BrewBoard. This is most impactful on fullscreen displays, though it also affects the mobile/desktop brew list as well.

Tap Settings

Taps are labelled with fixed numbers or names

If you have numbered or labelled taps (where the numbers/labels don’t change), then choose this option.

When this option is selected you will be able to enter the numbers/labels for your taps. Then when you add or edit a brew on Keg or Cask you will be able to associate it with one of your taps. The tap number or label will be displayed on your BrewBoard.

Taps are labelled with the batch number of the brew (Default)

When you select this option, the Batch number for the brew (if you enter one) will appear next to the brew on the brewboard. This is useful if you write the batch number next to each tap or on the keg.

Taps are labelled with the brew name

If you write brew names next to your taps, or have pump clips to identify brews, then this is the option for you. No identifier will be shown next to the brew on your BrewBoard (sinc you can identify the correct tap by the brew name).

Smallpack (Bottle and Cans) Settings

Bottles/Cans are labelled with the batch number (Default)

Choose this if you label each bottle/can with the batch number of the brew. Then BrewBoard will display your batch number next to the brew (assuming you provide one).

Bottles/Cans are labelled with the brew name

If you label your bottle/cans, or write the beer name on them, then this is the option you want - no identifiers will display next to the brews on the brewboard.

Note: even if you don’t use the batch number options, you can still record the batch number when adding/editing your brew. It just won’t be displayed as an identifer for the tap, bottle or can.