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Fullscreen Settings

BrewBoard has a dedicated fullscreen mode, intended for displaying on a large screen, for example above a bar, next to your kegerator, or opn your TV when having a party.

There are several settings which affect the behaviour of this fullscreen mode. You’ll find these on your BrewBoard Board Settings page, accessible through the cog icon top right of your BrewBoard when logged in.

Which brews to show?

This allows you to choose whether you want the fullscreen view to show only beers on tap, only bottles, or both taps and bottles. Additionally, if you show Taps and Bottles, you have the option to force the bottles to start on a new page (fullscreen view moves between pages automatically to show all brews).

Show empty taps?

If you have a fixed tap setup (for example if you have 12 numbered taps), this option controls whether the taps with no beer assigned (empty taps) should be shown on the fullscreen BrewBoard or not. If you choose to show empty taps, then taps will always be shown in the same position on the fullscreen display - empty taps will simply be a blank slot with no brew details.

Note: for this setting to have any effect, you will need to be using the Taps are labelled with fixed numbers or names option for your Tap Settings.

Show QR Page?

By default, a page displaying a large QR code is shown for a short period after all your brews have displayed on the fullscreen rotation. This QR code allows drinkers to pull up your BrewBoard on their phone, explore your beers in more detail and even comment and follow you. This option allows you to disable the QR page, if, for example, you’re using the BrewBoard in a more private setting where there is noone to share with.