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Google Cast (Chromecast)

Google Cast integration is provided with all paid accounts. It allows you to easily cast your BrewBoard to any Google Cast compatible device - for example Chromecast or an Android TV.


To get Google Cast integration working you’ll need:

  • A Google cast device, configured and connected to your network
  • A paid account
  • Google Chrome on MacOS / Windows / Linux or an Android phone/tablet*

(*Google Cast is not useable from iOS devices)

Cast your BrewBoard

Make sure you are logged in to Visit your BrewBoard page and you should see the Google Cast icon to the left of “Taplist View** in the white bar at the top of the page. Click that icon and you can select the device you wish to cast to.

Once your BrewBoard is showing on the Google Cast screen, you should be able to navigate away from your BrewBoard and the cast will continue.


Don’t see the cast icon on your BrewBoard?

This means that no Google Cast compatible device was found on the same Wifi network as you are using to access

Don’t see the device you want to cast to?

Make sure that the device you are casting to is powered on and connected to the same Wifi network you are using to access

BrewBoard doesn’t display when you navigate away/close your

Please try again. After casting, wait a moment before interacting with your browser.